Use Bonus Codes at Bitcoin Casinos

This gift from the gambling platform gets more popular due to social networks, online newsletters, advertisements and other sources of information. It is represented by a certain combination of symbols, which includes numbers and words in a random order.

This complication prevents generating or guessing the same code. Otherwise, one person could combine all the benefits.

Where to Find Bonus Codes?

There are many places to find these characters. Regularly, they are published on the home page of a casino for everyone or on private newsletters. Otherwise, the official website is directing a person to another source.

It may be a Facebook group, a letter on email, a tweeter post, a special bonus page, etc. However, there is no definitive list of these options. So, try to check all the possibilities, including database of partner’s companies.

For Casino Starters

These coupons are targeting two general groups of people: the beginners and gamblers with experience. The first category includes persons who try the casino for a first time. The main purpose is to invite newcomers to the gambling world with Bitcoin casino bonus.

They can evaluate the software, graphics, different features and other gifts. Nevertheless, as it is a no deposit promotion, make sure that there is no need to put BTC on your account. Otherwise, it will be a separate class of bonuses.
Bonus code at Bitcoin casino

For Existing Gamblers

People playing for days/months/years with the same company constitute the second group of individuals who benefit from this promotion. For them codes frequently appear temporarily on the website and on emails. Importantly, the amount of offered Bitcoin is not less for existing users. Vice versa, it might be even much higher.

What Do Coupons Give?

Of course, the general idea of such gifts was to give a certain amount of Satoshi to ensure the possibility to enjoy different kinds of games. However, nowadays there are no limits for developers and it is unpredictable, what is hidden under these symbols.

It may be an invitation to a secret tournament, a chance to run an exceptional amusement, free spins, additional features, graphic improvements, etc.

Free Bitcoin Credits

So, a few hundreds of mBTC are the most popular present given by the characters. It rarely goes till 1 BTC. However, few Satoshis may also be a possible option. Importantly, high rollers can count on 2-3 Bitcoins as their existence brings lots of income to the software providers.

There is no sign to predict the hidden amount on the code. Notwithstanding, it never leads to reduce money from your wallet. Hence, do not hesitate to activate the symbols!

Free Access to Special Game

Another good possibility, which the mix of letters and numbers can give, is to get access to a particular game. It refers to unlimited number of entries to the entertainment or it allows running restricted entertainments and permits to enjoy the product for a few hours or days.

The commodity at stake usually differs from general options. It has better visual effects, includes a higher RPT rate (around 98-99%) or enables having a personal assistant to win the jackpot.
Bitcoin casino with bonus code

Be Cautious with Expiry Day

Obviously, the code can’t be accessible for a long time. The provider usually adds in terms and conditions a small notification that these symbols can be used only for a few days. If the coupon is really powerful, this time frame can be decreased to 2-4 hours.

Significantly, this limitation refers only to inactivated promotions. Thus, if a player wrote these digits in a special field on the casino’s website, the obtained money or other benefits have no expiration and can basically stay forever on the account.

Can I Use My Code Again?

It rarely happens that management of the gambling platform allows using the same combination of numbers twice. If it occurs, the second try grants less benefits. As a common point, it is permitted once. However, if it is not a personal promotion, you can share it among friends or relatives. So, it will multiply the advantages of presents.

Using at Different Bitcoin Casinos

Generally, the coupon is available in one particular venue and it is not extended to others. However, there are exceptions. For instance, if casinos are partners or they have a common software provider.

Consequently, it may allow using the same promotion for one player. We would emphasize that it should be the same account, so the code will anyway be validated only once.