Limits List of Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Being in the first flush of enthusiasm, players sometimes forget about the important part of their session – the limitations set up for Bitcoin casino bonus 2017. It’s not a secret that gambling houses earn their living by gaining profits from gamers’ contributions.
Bitcoin casino bonus limits
Respectable betting rooms are always interested in fair incomes and try to prevent abuses at the hands of the players. Thus, they put constraints on different promos.

That is the reality and the only thing we can do is to accept these restrictions. We heartily advise you to read the terms very thoughtfully.

Otherwise, you can face unpleasant consequences of your inattention.

However, there is more to come. Usually, you will not bet the entire BTC at once, but some part of it.

Thus, you should keep it in mind as a monetary unit. Bitcoin consists of 100 million Satoshis.

Moreover, now one BTC equals about $4,000, and the rate is very volatile. So, it is hard to count how much you can earn or lose. Use converters to make it easy.

Cashable And Non-Cashable Bonus

In some cases, you won’t be allowed to hand back the bonus. It is blocked on your account forever… or not if you use it as additional money for next wagers.

Such a gift is called non-cashable. For instance, you make a deposit of $200, your bonus is 200% (extra $400) and you win $300. At the end, you can withdraw $500 and that $400 stay on your balance.

There are withdrawable awards that go directly to your money bag. If to take the same numbers, you will be able to bring back $900.

Mandatory Deposit Amount

You can face another limit. Frankly speaking, it can be irritating, just like a gnat swirling over your head.

A mandatory deposit amount is a small additional contribution you make to “unlock” your gift and winnings. After you put some money or BTC into your balance, you can get everything you gained.

This condition applies to both withdrawable and sticky bonuses, so it is inevitable. Thank heaven this sum never goes beyond $50. The average payment is around $25 (0.007BTC).

Min Sum of Winning

There is one more condition concerning winnings. The fact is that you cannot take your funds out of the account if it is less than a set amount ($30-$10). So, if you win only five dollars, you have to place more stakes to gain more money.

Max Withdrawing

Stay alert and check whether the Bitcoin casino bonus has limits for cashing out or not. Usually, such restrictions refer to non-deposit awards, but they may depend on a casino you place bets in.

It means you cannot withdraw anything which is greater than a certain amount. The rest of your balance will be taken away, so be careful and take a further look at the terms and conditions.

Let us give an example. So, let’s say you claimed a free $50 gift. Using this money, you earned $400. The limit is $200. There are 450 dollars on your account. But only $200 are available – it is your real winnings.
Bonus Limits at Bitcoin casino
That is true for any gambling houses, including cryptocurrency-oriented ones.  However, $200/0.05BTC is an average sum. Some staking rooms set up $70/1mBTC.

Rollover at Bitcoin Casino

Rollover is something that makes players shiver. Another name for it is playthrough requirements – the number of bets you have to place in order to withdraw your winnings. You have to satisfy it in 95% cases when dealing with bonuses.

The rest 5% is when casinos organize special promotions, for example, for VIP players.

On an average, you may wager your bonus amount 25-30 times to redeem it. It seems to be crazy, but in this way gaming houses protect themselves from deceivers.

However, some betting rooms may play ‘trickster’ role and demand completing this procedure a lot more times. It is better to avoid such terms.

Validity Period

No bonus will last forever. So, casinos offer a number of promotions for a set period of time.

And you have to manage with all the procedures related to a present in time frames. In case you are late, you miss the award. Generally, the termination date of a gift varies from two weeks to even 120 days.

Sometimes rewards, for example, free spins are valid just for one day. Again, it depends on the staking room, thus you are free to choose.

Time to Cashout

One more condition referring to time is cashout period.  After you have completed the playthrough requirements, be prepared for another challenge.

Many gaming rooms give you some time to retrieve the bonus winnings. When time is over, you lose all the money.

To redeem what you earned successfully, you have to take a decision about an appropriate banking option.

Usually, deposits are instant, but withdrawals require from 1 to 4 days. Check the list of the available methods at your casino’s website. Generally, you have a week to manage your deeds. It is pretty enough in most cases.