Cashback Bonus for Bitcoin Casino Players

This Bitcoin casino bonus is really important for the users as it is the last chance to obtain money from the program. The main mechanism of this promotion is a possibility to obtain a percentage of the losses at a gambling platform.

It takes into account mainly expenses, which were wasted unsuccessfully. Generally, it benefits individuals, who lost their hopes and thought that they did not have savings anymore.

Bonus Codes for Promo

Regularly, special coupons give a possibility to receive BTC back. Ordinarily, a player can find them on the casino’s website or on the personal page there. Moreover, they are available on social networks, referral links in emails, media of partner’s-companies, etc.

Even more, do not hesitate to text to the support office and claim the abovementioned promotion. However, it is hidden whether 5%, 10%, 20% or more will be given in the package.Cashback bonus at Bitcoin casino

Periods of Losses

Typically, each bonus of this kind combines a few conditions. The most important one is a time frame which covers it. There are dozens of options. It may consider only last day, 48 hours or a particular weekend. Sometimes it goes further and evaluates the whole week or even a month.

Cashback Forms at Bitcoin Casino

Regularly, there is one way to express this present – to grant some money. It is the first idea in mind when people hear the word “cashback”. However, sometimes there are other choices. Thus, a casino can provide different bonuses, like free spins or to offer a special present, including a tour, tickets to certain performances, etc.


Bitcoin casino offers cashback bonusA contribution in a form of real money, taking into account cryptocurrency, holds a leading position. Mainly, the amount is varying between 7% and 30%.

Nevertheless, rarely it goes up to 40% for whales, who may spend dozens of Bitcoin at once.

Thus, if an individual wastes 10 BTC and he/she has the abovementioned gift, which allows gaining 20% back, that person automatically receives 2 BTC back (10 * 0.2).

Free Spins

Similar situation concerns FS. Periodically, a gambling platform does not want to share the income with other players but, meanwhile, it tries to keep the users motivated.

Thus, spins are the best solution. It gives a potential possibility to win, even though, it can lead to no income at all. Commonly, it grants around 10 of them per each wasted Bitcoin.


Another great possibility to encourage people enjoy amusements longer and invest more cash is to organize certain trips or vacations for individuals. This rare option usually concerns only long-term clients with an excellent reputation and a high rank of loyalty.

Hence, it regularly includes plane tickets, transfer to/from the airport to the hotel, 2-7 nights for free with breakfasts, exhibition tours and many other components.

Bitcoin Casino Terms

We mentioned a period of losses as one important factor which should be considered. However, there are many other different conditions to review before accepting such gift. We will describe only a few of them, which should take your attention.

Minimum WAG

The first restriction is wagering requirements. It is a general obstacle for most of the bonuses in any casino. It establishes a prohibition to withdraw money if the amount does not exceed a certain number.

Look for options with no WR or with symbolic 10%, which does not create any barrier to get cash from the system. Meantime, avoid version with x30 or x40 of play through earnings.Bitcoin casino bonus with cashback

No Max Cashout

Secondly, before starting to play, verify the most important terms of taking assets from the casino. Some places may oblige to do so only if you have on the account at least $100 or $500.

Consequently, it is hard sometimes to get such result. Significantly, the limit depends on the payment method. Frequently, cryptocurrency does not demand a high amount of BTC.

Expiry Date

In order to equalize gambling conditions, this gift, as many others, has a time frame when you can activate it. Otherwise, everyone would wait till the period of losing lots of money and, afterwards, claim for some mBTC back. So, check the due date carefully. It may give few days, a week or even a month to use such possibility.