Bonus Spins for Free at Bitcoin Casino

Historically, the number of people playing slot machines has always been huge. Consequently, in the online world this quantity is just getting higher. Free spins always have been a good way to encourage individuals to play and to motivate them to test a product. Such gifts can easily substitute any other promotion.

It might be obtained through depositing or as a reward without investments. Moreover, it is a really practical feature, as a try may automatically lead to a winning combination. Whereas if a person would get money, it would raise lots of questions as to how to spend it, where, by which means or to withdraw the income.

Free Spin Size at Bitcoin Casino

The universal nature is an obstacle to create a common view on this Bitcoin casino bonus. Thus, separate websites want to settle their own standards to grant FS.

Furthermore, there might be even different types of this prize within the same gambling house according to some criteria. We will artificially divide the possible situations into 3 categories. And we will try to explain the basic information and targeted groups.Free spins as Bitcoin casino bonus

Tiny 10-15

This is the most common type. Thus, it is extremely easy to get a dozen of FS for any gambler. Usually, 15 spins are given as a part of a welcome package for a newly registered person.

It facilitates the opportunity to verify the casino, a quality of software, the variety of entertainments, etc. Even more, other no deposit bonuses can include such part in combination with others. For instance, for referring a friend, a player frequently gets free BTC (like 100 mBTC or 500 mBTC) and a small amount of spins.

Medium 30 – 70

Bitcoin casino with free bonus spinsAveragely, users gain 50-60 tries. It is considered as a normal figure for good reputable casinos. Importantly, in this case, FS are given solely, without any other promotions.

Indeed, such a high number offers great chances to obtain really worthy earnings. Nevertheless, obviously this reward requires more important achievements.

Sometimes it may concern depositing for a minimum level of money, using a special payment method, etc.

More Than 90

Currently, casinos practice to grant lots and lots of FS. Previously, it was only about whales and their importance to developers. Nowadays, it is advanced to usual players with some specificity.

For example, an individual can get the overall amount or 100 in two parts: 50 right now and 50 in a week. Another variation is to set a time frame for using it, like 10 days, otherwise they will disappear.

Offer for 1 Slot or A Set of Slots

Rarely platforms permit exclusive deals with the incredibly high number of Free Rounds for different slot machines. Usually, they are targeting only one particular product. This fact allows predicting the possibility for a player to win.

Otherwise, each game has a separate Return To Player index and other important conditions. However, developers can choose few slots by their criteria (payouts, visual effects, a creator, etc.) and allow using such gifts for all of them.

Max Payout Condition

First of all, each amusement has its own RTP. Hence, there is a relevant percentage according to the gaming performances, traditional payouts for this type of amusements, an average rate for the software inventors, etc. The most important feature is that the program frequently gives options, regarding the currency for withdrawals.

Interestingly, Bitcoin always has a little higher equivalent compare to others FIAT versions. For instance, 50 euros or 0.1 BTC. Everyone knows that 100 mBTC is much more than 50 euros.

Rollover at Bitcoin Casino

The title “free” concerning spins does not really give a full liberty. Indeed, a person can use them without any consequences. However, winning combinations ask to comply with some conditions. Thus, wagering requirements set the limit to withdraw money from the casino.

Usually, it requires the play through provision of 10-20 times higher than the given number of spins. Meantime, a small quantity of FS does not have any restrictions (like 5-10). Moreover, another usual term is a prohibition to use progressive slots.