Bitcoin Casino Offers for High Rollers

High rollers are those passionate gamblers who place just large bets almost all the time. No secret that they are a minority of all the audience in the industry.

However, these gamers make a significant contribution to the casinos’ incomes. That is why staking houses appreciate them and offer them much more generous conditions comparing with regular ones.

Furthermore, there are even betting rooms, which offer exclusive Bitcoin casino bonus 2019, particularly for the whales. It may be risky for both sides because each of them can lose a huge amount of money, but at the same time, it can earn big as well.

With the popularity of BTC, more and more gaming houses are focused on digital money owners. And, sure, they attract major players. Bitcoin is the most expensive cryptocurrency at this very moment.High roller bonus at Bitcoin casino

How Can Whales Get Gifts?

Generally, high rollers can obtain desirable promotions in several ways.

In the first case, a betting room sends the player the invitation via e-mail. It contains a link that activates the gift. The staking room will congratulate you that you have received an award – just press the button and it will be automatically credited to your balance.

There are rewards available after activating a special bonus code. On an average, it is pointed out in the promo page of a casino.

Usually, it consists of a word or a word combination related to the key feature of the award and some numbers. You have to enter it in the cashier page while making a deposit. A gambling operator can send you a coupon through email as well.

Bonus Types for Big Spenders

Big money spenders can enjoy benefits of exclusive promotions. An average player will not have access to these gifts. Moreover, he could hardly afford them.

BTC staking rooms offer bigger bonuses, with more loyal terms, higher withdrawal limits or even without them, higher max deposits. You will get bigger regular awards.

Match Reward

This reward increases your total balance; usually, it doubles your contribution to the account. Thus, these additional funds depend on the deposit you make and the terms. For instance, while scrolling a promo page, you noticed a 100% match gift. It means you will get the same extra sum that you put on the balance.

Let us say, your funding is 1BTC, then you will get an additional one. The total bankroll will be 2 Bitcoins. Generally, the staking rooms offer 200%, 100%, and 75% promotions. You can find 100% prize up to 5 Bitcoins.

Reload Promo

The reload Bitcoin casino bonus can seem similar to the match or welcome gifts. This promotion, as well as the sign-up one, gives you a percentage of the deposit you made. However, there are some differences.

This present can be claimed regularly, usually once per week or month. The percentage is lower and rarely exceeds 100%. On an average, high rollers can expect 50% reward around 0.5 – 1 BTC. You can even find unlimited 25% prizes.

Cashback at Bitcoin Casino

The cashback bonus may be on a weekly/monthly basis. The matter is that a casino returns some part of your losses during the gaming session. On an average, you can expect for 10-15% up to 1BTC. It should be mentioned that the reward works only after you activated it by making a deposit.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are the means through which you can become a very appreciated player at a casino. Bitcoin gaming houses offer VIP programs as well.

They imply even more advantageous promotions, an extended list of games, and many other pleasant things like home delivery or birthday presents. You can be provided with a personal manager whose job is to assist you when you play games or deal with financial operations.Bitcoin casino bonus for high roller

Being a part of the club you have to gather comp points. The more you have, the higher status you get. Usually, there are several stages, also named as bronze, silver, gold, brilliant/diamond levels. Each of them gives you particular benefits.

You unlock different perks step by step, onward and upward. Gaining such scores is not a problem for high rollers. Commonly 1 point is earned by 100mBTC in a wager. For instance, the gold tier may require 1,000 comps.

You can also convert them into real money as the additional profit from your gambling activity. Casino whales can convert them with a higher rate. The value can reach 8:1 (8 points to one dollar). Moreover, you can exchange them for various things in a casino online store.

Special Terms

Anything concerning bonus terms is applied to VIP and high roller players as well as to regular gamblers. The difference is that the big spenders observe facilitated conditions. Any casino makes its players satisfy wagering requirements. Gambling rooms are also very likely to set a withdrawal minimum deposit.

Playthrough Requirements

Basically, this term means you have to bet your bonus amount several times to be able to cashout the money. Usually, the casinos set up 30x-40x rollover.

For instance, if you got 2BTC reward, you would need to wager 60 Bitcoins. The lower values are usually a part of a VIP program and exclusive promotions.

Deposit A Bitcoin Account

You will face this condition while dealing with most of the bonuses. You should make a small deposit that is barely perceptible for your actual winning.

Usually, it is around 0.005BTC ($20). But, as high rollers, we are interested primarily in big bonuses. Huge prom otions require big contributions (around 0.025 Bitcoin).