Loyalty Bonus Program at Bitcoin Casino

Nowadays, betting houses, specializing in the most knowable digital currency, are a chance to make a fortune for a lucky or professional player. They are pretty popular now, especially because of an extremely high BTC rate.

It reached its historical peak of $4,000 on the 22 of August 2017. However, after that, the rate somehow lowered ($3,600-$3,700).

But still, it is the most expensive virtual money for now. This feature makes it very attractive for any kind of gamers. Bitcoin casinos, as well as common ones, offer beneficial exclusive programs and loyalty bonuses for regular gamblers.

These proposals open an extended variety of games, a number of generous promotions and other nice perks. This special treatment makes betting enormously captivating and exciting.

How to Get VIP Status at Bitcoin Casino?

So, what is needed to become a VIP client? Usually, BTC websites expect that you will play a lot and often. If you place bets on a regular basis, you will have clear chances to join the exclusive Bitcoin casino bonus in a form of a loyalty program. It is even more efficient if you are a high roller and prefer huge wagers.

A gambling house will definitely notice this and reward you. So, you just stake, enjoy the games, use promotions, earn a reputation and that is your way to success.VIP bonus at Bitcoin casino

Comp Points Or What to Collect?

Comp or loyalty points (LPs) are your guideline on the way to becoming a VIP. You will receive them right after you register the account and start placing bets. In general, casinos set up fixed terms concerning these points. The number of scores you need depends on the gaming room.

You may also pay attention to the activities because different games will give you a different number of LPs. The amount of your stakes also determines how many comps you can get.

How to Redeem Tier Points?

BTC staking rooms offer a convenient option for collectors of the comp points. The fact is that they can change them into real cash, Bitcoins, or intra-casino equivalents as free spins, credits, for example.

So, gamers can use them as extra ‘money’ for further bets, or withdraw them, making exchanges previously. On an average, you can earn one LP after staking from 100 to 500mBTC depending on the games.

The conversion value is different for ranks, for instance, the highest stage (for example, platinum) allows you to convert with an 8:1 rate. 8 points equal to 1 dollar.

Ladder to Success

The VIP status is divided into several levels; each of them has peculiarly advantageous features. Usually, casinos arrange levels in a similar way as medals in competitions or championships. It means there are silver, gold, platinum, even diamond stages. All the “places” require a set number of loyalty points.

For instance, in some betting rooms, you will need 100 scores to reach silver tier. Hence, for subsequent ranks, you have to gather a lot more LPs. For example, 1,000 for a golden degree, 5,000 for diamond and 25,000 for the highest one.

General Prizes and Perks

VIP gamers have access to unique generous promotions. But magnificent bonuses are not the only thing you can enjoy. A membership of the exclusive club is, first of all, accompanied by a caring attitude. For instance, some betting houses are ready to provide you with a personal assistant.

He or she will help you during a session and give all the information you need. So, if you are confused for some reason, or hesitate to make one more bet, you can ask your manager for some advice.

Some casinos can even carry out a home delivery. Just imagine you are playing and just spontaneously you want to taste a slice of pizza or an apple pie. You can make your wish come true by asking a gambling house.

Higher Conversion Rate

The exclusive status allows you to get a higher exchange rate than an average one. You can convert comp points quicker and get back more dollars or take special gifts in the VIP store on more profitable terms.

There are also special days when casinos lower the conversion rate by several times. That is something like a discounting. How low can it be? Well, it depends on your current rank. It is one more motivation to level up. All in all, it is worth making an effort.Bitcoin casino loyalty bonus

Exclusive Bitcoin Casino Prizes

Sure, a large part of the VIP benefits consists of attractive promotions and awards.

VIP clients have an opportunity to get higher deposit bonuses with larger cashback up to 50%. Unique gifts include extended limits for withdrawals and birthday rewards.

Keep in mind that you can complete playthrough requirements faster than usual due to the lower WR size.

The referral prizes are bigger. The unique monthly events are also available. They can be organized in a form of lottery, where players can gain really huge winnings – even up to 10 Bitcoins. Remember how much 1BTC costs.

Non-Monetary Gifts

Besides, making the monetary exchange, there is one more way to use LPs. It is so-called VIP store for respected players. It is organized as an online shop, where you can find many useful things.

The choice depends on the staking room. But it is worth to mention that the gift shop is quite extended: from whiskey and headphones to a MacBook and trips to sun-drenched resort islands. However, you have to collect just a huge package of comp points. For instance, the vacation can cost up to 800,000 comps.