Match Bonus Benefits at Bitcoin Casino

Software developers surprise players all the time with the newest promotions and exclusive deals. However, there are a number of old and well verified gifts, which are commonly used due to its popularity and usefulness.

“Match bonus” is one of them. It represents a great chance to double or even triple income from one deposit. It takes into account the amount given to a casino and multiplies into percentage written on the website with certain limitations.

How Much ‘Money’ Should I Input?

The first and the main eligibility check for this category of presents is an investment to a particular casino in general. There is no agreement among different platforms concerning this feature.

Nevertheless, traditionally the requirement is fulfilled if a person invested around $20 or equivalent in BTC. However, some particular offers demand even higher sums, like $50, $150 or more. It usually concerns high rollers or VIP guests as they are ready to spend lots of money during the evening.

What Size of Casino Promo Can I Expect?

Sometimes, it is impossible to predict the occurrence of this Bitcoin casino bonus. However, venues frequently post it on their web-pages to attract potential users.

Thus, the percentage can be visible and facilitate the possibility to calculate the final outcome of a deposit. Importantly, if the number is quite small (like 50% or 200%), it means that the program targets a wide class of individuals.

Meanwhile, a giant amount happens rarely and it deals only with a limited range of people. Nevertheless, you can see really huge differences, from 1% till 1,000%.Match bonus at bitcoin casino

From 100%

Indeed, the most widespread gift is 100%. Notwithstanding, it may vary a little from 110% till 150% or 200%. Of course, there are some upper edges. For instance, the match promotion covers only financing up to 3 BTC.

In this case, let’s imagine that you spend 7 BTC from your e-wallet. The present of 100% will give 3 additional BTC as the restriction does not allow receiving more. So, the overall amount will be 10 BTC.

To 500%

A limited group of persons are extremely lucky as they can claim 300%, 400% and even 500% additional income to their accounts. For example, a whale was playing with huge investments of 20 BTC.

Meantime, the “matches” permit to gain 400% up to 40 BTC. It means that 10 earned Bitcoin collected 40 more. Consequently, an individual will happily get 60 BTC for a one single deposit.

Or Composite Percentage

Sometimes, developers create more complicated ways to offer prizes. Regarding such gifts, casinos can require few consecutive financing in order to obtain the best result. Thus, the system may give 100% for the first funding and then double that number for the second one.

Bitcoin Casino Limitations

As in any other present, it has certain constraint for individuals to reduce the chance to take an enormous, uncontrolled advantage of the match gifts. Hence, this block includes many different categories.

Firstly, wagering requirements creates a play thorough barrier for players. Secondly, the max bonus size establishes an upper bar regarding the benefit of the present. Thirdly, maximum payout obliges to consider only certain amount of BTC which may be given to an individual.

In Fiat Money

There is no real discrimination concerning the currency, which you use for a payment. However, there is usually a small advantage for BTC. Among the most crucial equivalents in the world, such promotion commonly includes euro, dollar, British pound, Australian dollar, etc.

So, you can easily find some presents like 200% back up to $250 or 200 euros, etc.Bitcoin casino with match bonus

In Bitcoin

For the faithful fans of BTC, there is an outstanding opportunity to receive millions of Satoshis. Moreover, Bitcoin has much higher percentages. It should not shock you to see 300%, 400% or even 500%. It goes averagely up to 3 BTC. Taking into account the current price for 100 mBTC, there is no other currency that can even comply with such high standards.

Wagering Requirements

This is one side of gifts which always stays in the shadow. It deals with the artificial limitations to withdraw money and it depends on the percentage of granted bonus. For instance, 500% present up to 2 BTC may easily give you at least 500 mBTC.

However, this restriction can oblige to play through x90. So, to withdraw assets, you have to spend at least 4.5 BTC (500 * 90). Stick to the numbers which are not higher than x10-30.