Welcome Bonus at Bitcoin Casino

Among the whole range of no deposit gifts, this one is regularly used. It “welcomes” new individuals who want to enter the gambling world and to enjoy its benefits and attractiveness firstly.

Thus, a person needs only to register on the website (give limited information about him-/herself, write an email and create a secure password). However, check in advance whether a casino provides such presents, their amount and conditions which apply to them. It avoids misunderstanding in the future.

How to Claim Sign Up Promo?

In compliance with abovementioned, the signing up process certainly requires filling in a field with an email. So, do it carefully, verify the address few times and then wait for a message with a confirmation.

Consequently, there should be another notification with details of the bonus. It may have different forms, but it definitely consists of an accessible manual with clear explanations. In case of getting lost, ask the contact center for advice.

Go via E-mail Invitation

Usually, after the registration, a player receives a letter with a referral link. It brings you back to a personal page within the casino. Click further to reach the account and check the balance. If everything went correctly, there will be a relevant amount of BTC.

Nevertheless, if the Bitcoin casino bonus promotion seems not great, no time to deal with wagering requirements and no pleasure to play without risk, you can always cancel or refuse the gift. It is free and has no indirect consequences.
Welcome bonus at Bitcoin casino

Find Bonus Codes

Another way to obtain the reward is to write down a special code which can be mention on the casino’s website for everyone or arrive to the email box for a particular user. It has always different lengths and includes letters, numbers and, sometimes, other digits.

These symbols should be somehow highlighted or underlined on the screen. Normally, you should easily copy paste everything it to a specific field on the gambling website.

How to Play with Welcome Offer?

Ok, you have got an option: either a link or a code. Be careful with the second category, a combination of those mixes of characters works only ones.

Hence, it is impossible to use it many times to obtain enormous amounts of Bitcoin. When everything is done – you will see additional money. The next steps are to open any amusement and to enjoy.

Check If No-Deposits Available

Additional remark for these gifts – it should not demand any investments, card details, reference to e-wallet of the BTC, etc. Certainly, the number of presents without increasing an account is less influential as if it would be the case. However, no deposit rewards make you feel free. Moreover, except sign up bonuses, there are others: reload, refer a friend, faucets, free spins, etc.

Put Funds to Your Casino Account

In an event of winning some mBTC, an individual has to comply with wagering requirements to satisfy the conditions of gained bonuses. It shows a minimum number of cryptocurrency to withdraw the income. Sometimes, it is needed to put some personal assets to reach that limit or to obtain even more Bitcoin from the system.
Bitcoin casino with sign up bonus

Go to Loyalty Program at Bitcoin Casino

Welcome gifts demand a player to register on the website to settle the gambling experience. A reputable casino has a fidelity system which grades each person according to the playtime.

As more hours are spent with this platform as more benefits you should obtain. However, it also concerns a higher status, possibility to enter special amusements, an invitation to particular events, entrance to closed tournaments, etc.

Withdraw Your Winnings

We mentioned earlier about certain requirements, which a person should meet to take BTC from the casino. Wagering requirements settle a limitation for those, who want to take money instantly after receiving a gift.

For instance, the number is 15. So, in case of getting 2 BTC as a promotion, there should be at least 30 (15* 2) of them on the account to withdraw it.